Welcome to Head in the Cloud

I'm really excited to start blogging about cloud architecture at Head in the Cloud.

The reality is that the first handful of posts are going to be meat and potatoes types of posts where I'm talking about the basics of cloud computing. This is stuff that many people already know but I need to level set the knowledge base.

Over time I'll have guest posts from various folks in the tech industry that I trust and respect. I'm privileged in that I've gotten to work with a number of these folks and have met a number of amazing folks through the conferences that I've spoken at over the years. These are folks that I plan to reach out to and ask about guest blogging here.

Hopefully this will be a great source of knowledge for you in your journey to the cloud.

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Josh is currently working for Microsoft as the Director of Architecture for the Partner Catalyst team in the Technical Evangelism and Development organization. Head in the Cloud is his baby...
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