Public Cloud: Do you want to empower and leverage the paradigm shift? (When buzz words go mad - part deux)

I'm going to spend some time hunting down the marketing person who started using the word "leverage" in place of good old fashioned "use". I suspect I'll find them curled up in a ball in an obscure part of the interweb. Most likely rocking themselves to sleep. They'll no doubt feel very pretty bad for inflicting this blight upon us all.

The over use of "leverage" is a perfect example of what happening/happened with cloud and the mystique that's built up around it. Leverage implies use of force and advantage to influence. To dispel a myth: Cloud will not allow you to break the laws of physics no matter how much of a paradigm shift there is.

And finally there is our old friend the empowered cloud. Empowered cloud likes to throw their new found authority around. Don't be like the empowered cloud.

If you are going to make the case for cloud (either as a seller or in your own business) here are a few comments and suggestions.

•Public Cloud is not new. Its just hosting. You've been through the whole hosting thing before. You wont feel empowered after you turn on the lights in a public cloud.

•The purchase and consumption model is different with cloud. Its nothing new really. You're going to need good process and controls to manage your costs though. Don't try to call it a paradigm shift. People will just laugh at you.

•Don't force or leverage cloud. Timing is everything. You'll need a good business case, just like any other project, before you get the go ahead to move an application to the cloud.

•Public cloud is easy to purchase. It is not easy to use. Gaps in your teams technical ability will result in performance problems and increased costs. You'll pay for every mistake you make. Literally.

•You will need to spend a lot of time working through the terms and conditions for any public cloud. You will learn to love and hate the service descriptions. Your team will have to RTFM. No really. You'll have to read the instructions before use.

No marketing people were harmed in the making of this short rant.

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Gavin is a freelance IT Consultant, an architect and a cloud expert. He has been working in IT for over 20 years.
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