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Josh is currently working for Microsoft as the Director of Architecture for the Partner Catalyst team in the Technical Evangelism and Development organization. Head in the Cloud is his baby...

Cloud Computing This Week

Lots of news this week about cloud computing across the world. Tech Crunch wrote about Cisco buying Cliqr to expand hybrid cloud management eWeek wrote about Azure beefing up security Tech Navio predicts expansion of cloud computing in the K-12 eWeek wrote about Google's new cloud development tooling around debugging

The .cloud Pioneer's Program

Head in the Cloud is a proud member of the .cloud Pioneer's Program. I have had a thought for a long time about bringing together some of the amazing minds in the cloud computing space into a forum where we can share our thoughts and start conversations about how to

Starting Threat Modeling

Security is a big deal. It's also, very unfortunately, an afterthought for a lot of companies and apps at which point there could potentially be a number of technical and political challenges to implement the necessary changes. Photo by Josh Holmes while in Prague. Shared under creative commons - click