- photo by Jonathan Kos-Read and shared under creative commons

Head in the Cloud is a consortium of authors who are passionate about software architecture and development in the cloud. Most of us are in roles where we work with a lot of different clients and see the same issues and architectural patterns coming up over and over again. Most of the time the issues can be traced back to trying to do a traditional infrastructure in the cloud. Our hope is that we're able to spark the conversation and steer people to make the right decisions before they make the common mistakes.

Our authors are a non-denominational group of folks as we're from all over the technology map and will be writing about many of the cloud hosting offerings, architectures and a ton more. We hesitate to say all simply because there's so much out there and there's only so much time in the day.

The .cloud domain extension was perfect for us to carry these conversations as it's the "Cloud" extension. We're excited to have been selected and be participating in the .cloud Pioneer's program.